12:00 - 17:00h
  • Soup of the day
  • Salad
    with fried mushrooms and balsamico vinaigrette
  • Smoked chicken salad
  • Italian roll with pulled chicken
    and smoked BBQ sauce
  • “Uitsmijter” Roerdalen
    3 eggs, ham and cheese on 2 slices of bread
  • Toasted sandwich Roerdalen
    ham, cheese, pineapple and a fried egg
  • Toasted ham and cheese sandwich
  • Salmon & scrambled eggs toast
    with side salad
  • Healthy sandwich
    with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber
  • 2 croquets with bread


  • Cheese nachos
  • Assorted fried appetizers, 20 pieces
  • Assorted fried appetizers, 10 pieces


17:00 - 21:00h (Sunday: 20:00h)


  • Delicious soup of the chef
  • French onion soup
    Covered with bread and cheese
  • Tomato soup with cream


  • Fried mussels
    in garlic herb butter
  • Carpaccio
    with Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and a delicious dressing
  • Prawn Croquettes
  • Salad with Brie
    walnuts and balsamico dressing
  • Salad smoked chicken
    with baked pineapple, nuts en orange dressing
  • Plank of bread

Dinner salads

  • Salad with beef tenderloin tips
    mushrooms and red onion
  • Salad with bacon
    Crispy salad with fried small peices of bacon, mushrooms, spring onion with raspberry vinaigrette
  • Salad Roerdalen
    Prawns with mushrooms, bell peppers, and a spicy sauce

Main courses

  • Dish of the day
  • Papardelle
    with fried garlic mushrooms, ham and spinach
    Also vegetarian
  • Catch of the day
  • Fresh salmon steak
    Served with creamy fish sauce
  • Angus Bulletsteak
    with mushroom cream sauce, Stroganoff sauce or pepper sauce
  • Pork tenderloins with baked champignons
  • Veal Entrecôte
    with garlic butter
  • Schnitzel
    with mushroom cream sauce, Stroganoff sauce or pepper sauce

For the little ones

  • Ice cream
    2 ball of vanilla ice cream with chocolate or raspberry sauce and whipped cream)
  • Chicken schnitzel with French fries and apple sauce
    with French fries and apple sauce
  • French fries with snack
    Choose from a croquet or minced meat, served with apple sauce


  • Coupe “Advocaat”
    Vanilla ice cream, stracciatella ice cream, eggnog and whipped cream
  • Crême brulée
    with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and almond flakes
  • Sweet Dessert
    Ice cream with raspberry sorbet, stewed pears and whipped cream
  • Delicious Nuts
    Hazelnut, walnut and vanilla ice cream, a variety of nuts, caramel sauce and whipped cream
  • Dame Blanche
    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Chef’s surprise
  • Raspberry sorbet ice cream with red fruit
    lactose and glutenfree
  • Coffee or tea gourmand